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Credit card debt recovery is a sub-section of consumer debt collection. Such debts are unsecured defaults, derived from borrowing an amount, when using a credit card. After the purchase, the borrower has a specific deadline to recover the amount due. If he fails to settle the sum before the date for payment has passed, he falls into debt and the creditor has the right to pursue payment by any legal methods. The most usual case is that the lender will hire a professional credit card debt collection agency to retrieve the defaults.

wikipedia orgwikicreditcard

If the debtor does not agree to a debt negotiation plan and the amount is still due to be paid, the credit card debt collection will enter its final stage- lawsuit or the so-called legal actions. First a debt collection attorney will be sent to attempt final negotiations with the debtor. If this method is not successful, the debt lawyer can request different law documents from court and perform legal actions, such as small claims court procedures, wage garnishment, seizure of property or personal goods, etc. 041b061a72

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