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TGA - The Great Aggregator

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60 Parsecs!

60 Parsecs is a decision making game. Earth is just a few moments away from total annihilation, which means that the space station you and your crewmates inhabit is also soon to be toast. In those moments you must gather your crewmates, supplies, and weapons and board an escape vessel. Once aboard the vessel you find yourself transported 60 parsecs from Earth, into a deep and empty space.

60 Parsecs!

As for the space station will start to explode, and the player only is 60 seconds before things get messier. Therefore, players should prepare a spirit of agility to respond to any situation in 60 parsecs to maintain their life in space! To be honest, this dark comedy adventure is set in the atomic space age, complete with all the cold war paranoia. At the same time, when boarding the cruise ship, the player has only 60 seconds to prepare before speeding up to the emergency shuttle. 041b061a72

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