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TGA - The Great Aggregator

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-And unfortunately, designers also often get the opportunity of doing minimal work, they have to explain everything to technical support personnel or should even choose whether to be first to the table to choose between several choices, a task that will require special training. The result is that even if they are obliged to carry out technical design, many designers need to learn to become a better technologist.

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-Technology often came to a designer yesterday. I think that things like stem tools, 3D printing, laser cutting, 3D scanning, even a little bit of Reigelink or other types of parametric modeling, are already by just a few. Now I am very involved in these areas, either as a consultant or as a data source. My plans are to encourage the ideas and know-how to continue to accelerate digital design, as well as pursuing their long-term vision.

-Our world today is changing, in our professional activities, we have to be prepared to anticipate the introduction of new and alternative realities. And for us designers, we have a very central role in that.

-To the great majority of designers, they are a team player. I have to say that most designers are very pragmatic, they like to work efficiently and with clarity. They always maintain an effective communication with the materiality. The goal is also to be consistent with the client, then they can deliver what they promised and do a project without boring. Multidisciplinary teams are working together to bring ideas for the future. They share the same values, they are often on the same page because they are dealing with a very interactive project, it is evolving together, it is not born and grown without any interaction between partners and support. But ultimately, it is essential to participate in the design process and be involved throughout.

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