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A Guide to 2 Fast 4 Gnomz Pal Wad: The Hilarious Platformer for WiiWare

the four abilities are acquired throughout the game and all of them are put to use regularly once obtained. the first power allows gliding by intuitively holding up on the d-pad. the second one is a heavy viking gnome form. the additional weight greatly decreases the jumping capabilities but is useful for dropping down ledges at a faster speed to avoid crashing into a wall, smashing through trees or even withstanding powerful tornadoes. the third power is undoubtedly the most difficult one to use as the player becomes extremely fast. this is the perfect ability for speed runs to score great times but obstacles are a lot harder to dodge because of the greatly decreased reaction time before it's too late. the extra velocity is also needed for avoiding some hazards or traversing unstable platforms that will quickly collapse. the final power can be used to rewind time and is mainly needed for small puzzles, for example hitting a switch in a dead end to open a path and rewinding time to get out of there before hitting the wall.

2 Fast 4 Gnomz Pal Wad

make no mistake, though you will lose that groove. gnomz will die. there's a death counter on the bottom screen which, we're sadly able to confirm, is well capable of handling triple digits. this is a tough game that necessitates ninja-like reflexes and platforming skills, a lot of repetition, and often memorization. but a near-instant re-spawn rate and plenty of checkpoints keeps the frustration level relatively low, and makes sure everything moves at a quick clip. it's one-more-try addicting rather than 3ds-toss frustrating.

take control of the kick-ass gnome character in this fast-paced platforming adventure and slash your way through dangerous levels while avoiding traps, enemies, and hazards! collect coins to unlock new levels and upgrades and beat your best score! take on this fast-paced action game in 3d, using the accelerometer!

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